Welcome to Offsite

A community dedicated to the skills, principles & connections needed to thrive in today’s workplace

What is Offsite?

At Learnit, we believe that you deserve every opportunity possible to master new skills,  build the career you want, and evolve as a lifelong learner. That's why we created Offsite, a dynamic online learning community of 10,000+ members and subject matter experts from around the world. Join us and access the learning resources and networking opportunities needed to thrive in today’s workplace.  


What's Included in Your Free Membership

  • Weekly Live Events with Thought Leaders 
  • Weekly Interactive 'Ask the Expert' Sessions
  • Answers to Your Questions in Real-Time
  • Interactive Professional Development Workshops
  • Badges of Certification on today's most in-demand skills

What Members are Saying

I love the Learnit Community – I have enjoyed it so much. The content is thoughtful, and generally the speakers are great. Most important, you are so supportive and people centric. I just wanted to say it does not go unnoticed!  - Sheela H.

The Offsite events have been very beneficial to me over the past couple of months. I have learned tips and techniques that will make me a better team member. I have also learned the science behind some of the choices I have made in the past. I feel more confident to speak up and advocate for myself and my family. Offsite continues to present great speakers and learning opportunities. - Lena J. 

I am a big fan of Offsite by Learnit. It is a great community. I love the way that each month we have a chosen topic approached from different perspectives and each perspective is introduced by an awesome instructor... I learn something from the community event presentations and they leave me wanting more...I have enthusiastically shared [Offsite] with many people I know. The Learnit team is creative and responsive to its members and the instructors are wonderful teachers and knowledgeable about their subjects and willing to help.” - Sofia Z.

How it All Started

In our 25 years of business, our team at Learnit always wanted to start a program to give back and unify our community. In 2020, we realized that our students and customers wanted to stay connected so that they could keep learning and growing. In our effort to create a safe, inclusive space for our students and customers to connect and share ideas, we formalized and launched this online community and started organizing free events around timely topics featuring subject matter experts as guest speakers.

Today, Offsite is a thriving network where members actively share wisdom and knowledge on the themes and issues central to the workplace experience, and our weekly events in Offsite engage thousands of learners from around the globe.